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Welcome to the adventures of Rosie-May Blue


Rosie-May Blue and her family have just moved to the township of Waterfall Way. When Rosie-May’s pony, Carrie, goes missing, Rosie-May fears for the worst. Her newfound friend Ellie is a comfort at her new school and together, they share a love of horse-riding. However, will their friendship survive the secret that Rosie-May uncovers? Will the secret spoil Rosie-May’s chance at winning a prize at the Waterfall Way Pet Show? Saddle up and join Rosie-May and Ellie for their first adventure together at Waterfall Way.

Author: P.E. Woods
Illustrator: Pene Chadwick
Audience: Children aged 6-13 years
Format: Paperback Illustrated Chapter Book
Language: English
Number of Pages: 132

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